Display Solutions — Displaysolution’s competences and products were to be given new communication possibilities that correspond to today’s zeitgeist and connect all channels. We created a world inspired by the technological and visionary trends of the retail industry.

The newly developed claim “Staging Brands” puts the product in the spotlight, while expressive key visuals highlight the synergy between product and display and put the different areas of the company in the centre. The animated CGI visuals are intended to portray the brands and their sectors.

The new appearance is an interplay of form, animation and type, which flow together to form an unmistakable, meaningful and contemporary overall image. The customer experience is always in the foreground.

In addition to the visual appearance, it was also important to communicate the company and the industry trends to the outside world. For this reason, the website was given a new magazine section that can serve as a source of inspiration and information. POS trends, interviews and other news from the industry will find their new home here and, linked to LinkedIn, offer new interested customers reading material.

Materiality and the future were central themes throughout the entire process. The result is a new world that makes tangible to the outside what is already being lived inside. A communication platform rarely seen in display production that not only sells a service, but can offer real added value for the company and its customers.

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