KURZ — For KURZ1948 we were asked to implement a gentle rebranding and a completely new website.

The whole project started with questioning the positioning and the existing messages of the brand. A new guiding principle is to form the new basis on which the communication and design will be based for the next few years.

The new leading thought “Everyday Luxury” now forms the centre of communication for KURZ. It goes beyond the quality of the products. We want to make every day special and create memories for customers that will last for generations.

Our main goal for the design was to create something that embodies the future-oriented goals of the company without losing the traditional values. The old and the new were to be combined naturally to create a fresh and stimulating look that would appeal to existing customers as well as capture the imagination of a new generation.

In order to give the valuable jewellery and the brand watches a valuable stage, we decided on a dark green-brown tone for the brand colour. This is a further development of KURZ1948’s previous colour scheme, but has been given a more modern and powerful undertone and now plays a much more central role than before. This is not only noticeable in the new advertisements, but also online. Dark backgrounds, for example, are not something you often find in the jewellery sector, but they add an extra touch to the shiny, high-quality range.

The imagery is clearly inspired by the new guiding principle; it should be Everyday Luxury. We photographed in various places in Zurich and the result is a coherent pool of images that tells the story of everyday luxury and offers a mix of wonderful close-ups and versatile portraits.

It was a challenge to create something for a 75th anniversary that would inspire people and transport the KURZ1948 brand with its values. A conscious decision was made not to push sales. The aim was to create something timeless that would also involve the locations throughout Switzerland.

Next Stop KURZ1948 takes up the idea of a metro, with which we want to symbolise all the moments that people experience while using public transport. On a bigger scale we want to show all the facets that make our lives so worth living. Our “Metro” stands for all positive feelings and first moments. We connect, create memories that accompany our lives. Just like our products, only in a different form.

People should decide for themselves what they experience in it, with whom they experience it and how they share this moment with KURZ1948. And maybe this container, as it stands here, is just the beginning of a new memory in London, Paris or Milan.

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