Wohnrevue — We developed a modern and timeless image campaign for Wohnrevue. From the idea and concept to the shooting, everything came from DWK. Thanks to the timeless image concept, the shots can still be used years after production and still correspond to the zeitgeist of the design-savvy city dwellers.

Models were photographed in New York for the campaign. This international look breathed an extra portion of modernity into the visuals, which can still be felt today, years after the campaign was used.

It was important to us to let the images speak for themselves and to make the level of the magazine tangible.

Accordingly, the people were styled in an elegant, high-quality and timeless way. The Wohnrevue magazine was placed in the centre of all the pictures. This was done in a casual and natural way. Because if you have style, you read Wohnrevue, that’s for sure.

Atelier Pfister

Brand Design / Communication / Live

Brand Design / Communication

Brand Design / Communication / Digital

Brand Design / Communication / Digital

Brand Design / Communication / Digital / Live

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Brand Design / Communication / Digital

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