Atelier Pfister — We provided strategic support to Atelier Pfister and not only created a long-term platform for communication with the “This is Switzerland” campaign, but also modernised and simplified the CI/CD of the furniture store. The reduced imagery and the corresponding design went beyond the campaign images and enlivened all kinds of advertising material, as well as events.

The design brand was no longer properly perceived in the market. With the repositioning under the claim ” This is Switzerland”, we not only pointed to the Swiss designers and their inspiration, but also drew attention to the increased production in Switzerland.

The inspiration for the furniture came from direct reference to Swiss places and we highlighted this with storytelling. This was mainly implemented digitally,

but also at events and at the branches throughout Switzerland. With the focus on Swiss designers, success was not long in coming. Market awareness has increased significantly and sales have grown by double digits over the years.


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